Planning applications in Wiltshire

Most planning applications are now submitted online. You can apply to every local authority in England through the Planning Portal.

You can submit an application to authority in Wiltshire using your Planning Portal login details by visiting the Planning Applications.

The benefits of using planning applications:

  • Quick and user-friendly system
  • Step-by-step help and advice
  • Attach plans and drawings
  • Save time and money
  • Find out more information on how to apply and the decision making process in the guidance below.

What is Planning Permission?

Planning Permission, in simple terms, is like asking if you can do a certain piece of building work. It will be granted (possibly subject to certain conditions) or refused.

Parliament has given the main responsibility for planning to local planning councils. Therefore, if you have any queries about a particular case, the first thing to do is to contact your local planning authority.

It is your responsibility for seeking, or not seeking, planning permission. If required, it should be granted before any work begins.

Why Planning Applications?

Planning permission is the key that turns a piece of land into a viable building plot and the process is in place to prevent unlawful development. As such, planning permission is a vital part of any self-build or extensive extension project or any home improvement planned for a listed building or property located in a designated area.

While applying for planning permission can be time-consuming (and sometimes stressful), it is useful to not only understand what the process involves, but also have a clear indication of what your local planning department is likely to approve.

If your project needs planning permission, this ultimate guide covers everything you need for a successful application — from when you need planning permission and how much it costs, to whether you should use a planning consultant, through to how long the process should take and what your options are should your application be rejected.